What I Love About Summer


Living in the northern half of the United States gives one a great appreciation for the warm feeling of the sun in the summer.  Here are my top 10 favorite things about summer. Be sure you tell me some of yours!

  1. LOOOOONG Days. I love that the sun goes down well after 6pm most of the summer.
  2. Berries. Any kind. I love them warm and just picked.
  3. Going to the beach. It’s still beautiful when cold but wonderful when warm
  4. BBQ’s. Hanging out with friends late in the evening.
  5. Flowers. I. Love. Flowers. I love that they are everywhere.
  6. Dirty kids. Sand, mud, leaves, grass just means they are having fun.
  7. The sound of frogs croaking while walking in the twilight.
  8. Road trips! I hate driving in winter, but love it in the summer.
  9. Creamys. (That’s amazing soft serve in a cone for you non-New Englanders)
  10. Waking up an it all ready being light out!

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