Thank you Summer

I love summer. 

Sometimes in the hustle of working and being a Mom I forget.

  I let the chaos absorb me. I find myself hurrying through the days, spending more energy thinking about the next thing. The calendar. The next place.

Today, I took a walk with my family and in the middle of the walk, somewhere between the pumpkin patch and the Beaver pond, I realized that this moment was important. The sky was fading to purple in the late summer sun.

My kids were laughing. I was holding my husbands hand. Flowers were blooming along the path.

It was beautiful, I was happy, life was good. I walked and I was now, I was present. 

I just breathed. I soaked it in. I thought about what I was grateful for. My mind was clear and in the twilight I could really see the people around me.

Slow down. Enjoy a moment. Not every moment is enjoyable. So, I was glad the universe reminded me to savor one.

Happy summer.


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